The Courage To Be Changed (20101104)

“The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.’” (John 1:43, NIV)

That’s how it really is!  It might be a little difficult to hear it in the English, but in the Greek language it is clear.  “Follow me” means a little more than “stop what you’re doing and go with me.”  Following Jesus means that something is about to be changed.  And that something is not your world, your family or your job.  No!  To follow Jesus means that you have to be willing to be changed.

And for Philip who accepted the call to follow Jesus, it meant that his family, if they were to stay together, would have to accept the call as well.  I can only imagine what it meant for Philip and his family to accept the call to follow Jesus all those years ago.  Leaving the home, job, friends and extended family behind they set out on a journey that would one day find its conclusion in eternity.

Still the call goes out today from the Lord to you, “Come, follow me, and be changed.”  Will you my friend, have the courage to be changed and follow Jesus?

Living Big In Jesus