Strong Enough To Invite Your Friends (20101105)

The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.’”  (John 1:43, NIV)

Life is a journey, and it is best lived in the company of others that share in the wonder of discovery.  Jesus is just beginning his ministry of redemption and he is heading to Galilee.  The fastest way to get there was to go alone.  Yet he does something different.  If anyone had an important mission in life it was Jesus.  He had come to save the world from sin and death and eternal destruction.  Yet, Jesus knew that even being God Incarnate, his journey would be best shared with friends. 

What important mission are you on today?  Where are you going so fast?  What difference does it really make in the grand scheme of things?  Jesus is calling you to join with him on a mission to save the world.  Are you brave enough to answer his call to follow him?  Do you have courage enough to be changed?  Are you strong enough to invite your friends to follow Jesus?

Living Big In Jesus