It’s A Wrap Part 3 (20111230)

What could be a better way to end the year than knowing that your relationship with God is just what it should be?  Earlier this week we talked about how in order for this to take place we must do our best to humbly work out our differences with the loved ones in our lives.  … Read moreIt’s A Wrap Part 3 (20111230)

It’s A Wrap Part 2 (20111229)

Today we are looking at how to put a good wrap on the end of the year.  One of the things that often makes the past year less than what we would have had it be is the fact that relationships are often difficult to maintain.  Maybe someone has sinned against you.  Don’t sit there … Read moreIt’s A Wrap Part 2 (20111229)

It’s A Wrap Part 1 (20111228)

This is it, the end of another year!  And each of us has an opportunity to end the year with our best effort.  Certainly there have been many things we did right.  But, there are also those things we did wrong.  If you have mistreated someone, or done someone wrong, it is a good time … Read moreIt’s A Wrap Part 1 (20111228)