Honoring My Father Part Two (20110118)

As I said yesterday, my father departed this world last Monday to go to his eternal reward in the presence of Jesus.  And so I am taking a few minutes this week to consider how we as sons and daughters might give some thought to honoring our dads.

In the fifth of the Ten Commandments we read in Deuteronomy 5:16, “Honor your father and your mother…” 

Did you know that this teaching is referenced several times in the Holy Bible.  It does not take much thought to realize anything that the Lord repeats several times must be of supreme value for us and our relationships with one another. 

Satan, anger and frustrations may tell you to lash out, to be disrespectful to our fathers, but I have never found that to be ultimately satisfying.  To the contrary, I have found that honoring is more than satisfying, it is life-changing.

How is your relationship with your dad?  Mine was not always perfect, but I can tell you this, the more I learned to honor my dad, the more my relationship with him was blessed. 

Living Big In Jesus,