Honoring My Father Part Four (20110120)

Most of you know by now that my dad passed away last week to go be with Jesus.  And for this hope I am joyful.  I rejoice also that the years have provided the two of us the opportunity to work through our weaknesses and differences.  Both of us have had our sins and our struggles one with one another.  I think both of us have witnessed the other having a little too much alcoholic beverage on one occasion or another.  Needless to say, our conduct towards one another at such a time was probably less than desirable.  But Jesus had his way with both of us.  We grew together through the years to become more of what Jesus would have us be.  It was not always easy.  But I began to honor him more and more, and he returned the favor.  In the end two struggling souls on two separate roads discovered one Savior named Jesus and found in him a reason to become the best of friends.  I pray that you will, today, stop and take time to honor your dad.

Living Big In Jesus,