Honoring My Father Part Five (20110121)

Fifty one years ago I was born and dad rocked me in the rocking chair for hours that day.  Mom tells me it was dad’s proudest moment.  I sometimes wonder when I look back that there must have been days when I made him regret that first day with me.  My behavior and conduct was far less than honorable.  Yet the man I know as dad never gave up on me.  And I guess I never did give up on him.

In our last moment together before he died, with a vent hose shoved down his throat to help him breath, and with his eyes in weakness fluttering trying to see, he lifted his head up off the pillow, opened his eyes wide, and gave the biggest and most beautiful smile I have ever seen.  And in great weakness he barely raised both his hands and gave me two thumbs up!

A few days later he died.  But he died in victory, and left behind not a perfect life, but oh what a glorious life, and a legacy that only Jesus can forge in the heart of men.  I am going home one day to say my dad, and to see Jesus, would you go with me?

Living Big In Jesus,