Bringing On The Son-shine Part Two (20110503)

I remember years ago when I was in college I would regularly meet with a fellow Christian who always seemed to be down on the world and everyone in it.  He even complained to me about me!  For a while I was stumped as to what to do to help make the situation better.  Speaking to him about how a Christian should have a better attitude did not work.  Praying for him did not make a difference.  The situation really had the best of me until one day when I met up with this struggling brother and I simply walked up to him with the biggest smile on my face and told him how good I was to see him that day!

He was so taken back that he returned in kind.  He smiled back, and said how glad he was to see me too!  I invited others to share my experience with this brother, and in a few weeks, all our relationships had changed for the better.  All we had to do was share a little Son-shine.

Living Big In Jesus,