Bringing On The Son-shine Part Three (20110504)

Pruning!  That is what I did to one of the flowers in my garden.  Before I had pruned it, it was dying.  I had tried everything, and still my beautiful flower was dying.  I had weeded around it.  I had fertilized its roots and leaves.  I had watered it correctly and made sure that it was getting enough sunshine.  But still it was dying.  I don’t like losing a plant, but I told my wife Valerie that it looked like I may lose this one.

One day she and I went out to look at the garden as we do together nearly every day, and it occurred to me that the plant needed pruning.  So I went to the garage and pulled out the pruning shears and cut the plant back.  Taking any dead wood off of it, and trimming it out to where it could receive the full benefit of sunshine.  Guess what, within just one day, it began to grow again.

How about you?  Is there any dead wood in your life that needs pruned so that you can receive the full Son-light of Jesus in order that you too might grow?

Living Big In Jesus,