Bringing On The Son-shine Part Four (20110505)

Yesterday I spoke about how pruning (cutting back) a plant in my garden saved it from dying.  But, pruning a plant is not always a quick thing to do.  For instance, when I pruned my roses yesterday, I had to make some preparation.  First, I had to set some time aside in my evening to actually do the pruning.  I also brought a bucket with a lid for me to sit on as I did the pruning.  And of course, I had to have the right tool to do the pruning with…pruning shears.

In order to prune properly, I had to get to know each rose bush individually.  Do I want it to grow wider or taller?  Does it have any dead wood to prune off?  Are there any old blooms to remove?  Dead wood and old blooms don’t grow, but they do suck life out of the plant.

My point is simple; you have to know the plant well enough to prune it properly so that it might grow.  The same is true of us.  Do you know yourself well enough to know what to prune in your life so that you might continue to grow and enjoy a beautiful life?

Living Big In Jesus,