The Lifting Up of Jesus Part 5 (20110128)

[youtube=]It is true in life; we lift up, and speak of what we believe in.  This is true of both people and organizations.  It is part of the very fabric that makes us tick.  It is even true of churches.  The thing you speak of the most is probably the thing you believe in the most.  It is simply too difficult for the human spirit to not speak of what it believes in.  It is nearly impossible for us not to share with others the most important facets of our lives.  When we, as Christians, speak of our churches…when we invite our friends to church, do we speak to them primarily about our many programs and ministries?  Do we tell them of our bible classes and our great preachers?  Do we tell them about the new education wing or fellowship hall?  Are these the things that we primarily are lifting up?  Or are we following the Bible’s example of lifting up Jesus, the Spirit of God and the Heavenly Father?  What are you and your church lifting up this week?  Might we all lift up the name of Jesus! 

Living Big In Jesus,