The Lifting Up of Jesus Part 4 (20110127)

How do you know who or what someone really believes in?  The answer is really quite simple; it is the one in whom someone can’t but help to speak about in a positive and glowing manner!  Think about it!  You know your friend or family member is really pumped up about someone or something when they won’t talk about anything else.  Face it!  We don’t like to talk about the stuff we are bored with.  We find much more enjoyment speaking about the things and the people that we are excited about in life.  Things that I have noticed that folks like to talk about the most are: sports, the economy, politics, the news, gossip, and there is even on occasion a fair amount or talk about religion.  But, curiously over many years of serving the church, there seems to be a lack of talk about Jesus. 

If it is true that we talk about the things we believe in, maybe we need to remind one another to have our faith increased that we might once again believe and talk as if we believe in Jesus.

Living Big In Jesus,