The Doctrine That Holds The Promise of a Healthy Life – Sound Doctrine

You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.” (Titus 2:1, NIV).

Deep down inside you know it is right.  You know it is proper.  No, it is not easy; it is probably, at least initially more difficulty.  It certainly requires more devotion, more dedication, more discipline than the easy way.  And it requires more sacrifice on our part as well.  As a matter of fact, it is just simply plum exhausting at times.  But it brings with it far greater measures of things like, integrity, love, kindness, forgiveness and strength of character of heart, mind, soul and body.  And who does not want these?  I do!  I want those things and the respect and honor that they bring.  And more still, happiness and eternal life.  Yes, these are the things I want, these are the things I need.  And not only for myself, but for my loved ones around me, and for my friends and neighbors as well.  In these things we are all blessed so richly, if we teach and live by sound doctrine.

Sound doctrine, also known as “healthy doctrine” is not easy to come by.  When Paul said to Titus you must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine” he was telling Titus you have to stand out from the crowed.  You message is different than the politically correct agenda, your message is different from the popular culture that decaying around them from sin.  Your message is probably even in opposition to the counsel of the world.  And at times, more often than not, that is the case today.  Hey!  Let’s be honest here for a moment, it is even different than what we “feel” many times in our own lives.  Because sound doctrine, healthy doctrine is not selfish, it serves others, and it is practical in doing so.  It is good medicine because it heals us, it saves us, it blesses us, it cleanses us, it purifies us and if we will allow it, it will by the grace of God bring peace to broken families, restore broken relationships and finally reunite us with the God who loves us so.  It will bring into our lives a far greater measure of peace and blessing than anything the world has to promise.

Sound doctrine; I want to hear more.  What about you?

Listening for Jesus,