Are You Listening?

“It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” – Jesus (Matthew 4:4, NIV).

Do we get it?  Are we listening to what he is really saying?  If we miss it, we miss the very life we so earnestly desire to have.  If we hear his precious words and impart them into our soul, we live!

Oh!  How much the world promises us that it can sustain us with its bread, with its riches, wealth and prosperity.  How the world and all the things of the world draw our attention and our desires unto it.  The promise is elation, satisfaction, pleasure, self-worth, power, prestige and honor.  The promise is we can be somebody, that we can have something.  And yet, after heeding the call of the world after offering our lives at the altar of the world over and over again seeking its treasures and pleasures; we are left wanting of the very things we have been promised.  We are left with a collection of treasure that our homes can barely contain.  Our barns and storehouses have overflowed, yet our souls are empty and void.

Listen!  Hear His Voice!  “Man does not live on bread alone!”  “But on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  I want to live my friend.  And there is only One that makes his promise and keeps them all.  His name is Jesus, and he promises life, and life abundant, and I for one, have found him true.  Oh!  That we would hear the word of the Lord and be healed, that we would regain our sight, that we would hear again, that we would love again.  That we would truly become elated in the promises of our Lord. 

His word does not promise us that we will be rich consumers, but that we would become the sons and the daughters of the King.  His word does not promises us stuff, it promises us life.  The least of life in him is more wonderful than all the promise of stuff this world can ever offer.

The question is not if you are listening or not.  It is who or what are you listening to or for.  I am listening for every promise, every whisper, every breath, every word that comes from the mouth of my Lord; for in it there is life.

Listening for Jesus,