The Blessing of One Another

What does a bread company, a trucking company, a national corporation, two very different churches, a bank, three preachers and several young men between 14 and 22 years old have in common?  They all have the same Awesome God!  No one person, group or organization could pull off it off.  But, with everyone being available to God’s leading, everyone using his or her gifts, talents and resources, they were able to distribute hundreds of dollars of bread to children and families in four communities.  Individually, we may not be able to accomplish much.  But, when we each one prayerfully and humbly makes himself or herself available to the Lord’s calling, and humble before his community and his church…  Well, we may really discover that the Lord has been orchestrating a very good work in so many of our lives.  I am amazed at how my gift and my blessing is so intimately entwined in another’s gift, talent and blessing.  And while I may realize my own gifts and talents, it is only when I am able to recognize another’s, that together we are more fully blessed and then poised to share in the wonderful blessing of truly blessing still others.  What I am trying to say is simple, our needing one another, of sharing one with another, our ministering to one another is one of the greatest blessing of life.  Might we all, this holiday season, remember the blessing of one another.  And might we honor the One who blesses us all, Jesus.

Grace and Peace,

Keith C. Brown