It Is A Beautiful Day Part 1 (20110519)

As we journey here in this fallen world, there are places and people in our lives that are…, well, let’s say less than desirable to us at times.  At such times it is easy to be overcome with negative feelings and possibly even some depression.

I imagine that such was the case for two women (Euodia and Syntyche) who had at one time labored gloriously with the Apostle Paul for the sake of the kingdom of God.  Yet, there came a time in their lives when they were, for one reason or another not getting along.  Paul encouraged them to work things out for the sake of the gospel.  And I am confident that they did just that.

Let us keep in mind, as we journey here, to never forget the beautiful and heavenly place Jesus is calling us.  Let us forgive and work things out one with another.  For that is what Jesus is doing for us before the Father.  And remembering what Jesus is doing for us makes everyday just a little bit more beautiful both for us, and the ones we share our lives with.

Living Big In Jesus,