Happy Holidays (20101210)

For most folks this time of the year brings to memory fond thoughts of family and friends gathered around the table to share in wonderfully prepared meals in homes beautifully decorated in colorful lights with sweet sounds of lovely music that touches are hearts.

Frequently we call this time of year the Holiday Season.  I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but if you look closely at the word “holiday” you can see it!  Holiday finds its root meaning in “Holy Days”.  These are the days when we have traditionally taken time to stop and give Thanks for the Lord’s provision over the last year.  These are days when are hearts reflect more perfectly upon the gift of God, that is his Son, who had been born into this world that there might be peace between God and man.

So let me encourage you this Holiday Season, to stop, to pause and to give God the glory for the friends, the family, for the provisions and most of all for gift of his Son and our Savior Jesus.  For you my friend I wish you Happy Holidays!

Living Big In Jesus,