Gifts, of Wishing and Remembering…

Oh!  How we often wish for so many things in this life.  Some of those things are worldly, maybe even ungodly.  Some of those things may be honorable, even holy, pure and lovely.  Yet, they remain, at least for the moment, simply a wish.  In the wish, we cast our heart’s desire upon the thing, person or place that we may not have the power to procure for ourselves by ourselves. In the wish we may also find ourselves desiring even good things before God’s allotted time for us. We all wish for things from time to time.

But too much wishing (even wishing for good things) is often a dangerous thing for us. Wishing, if we are not careful, unjustly relieves us of the responsibilities that the Lord has presently laid before us. Most notably to live before him and our fellow man in a manor of life that is full of thanksgiving and honor in our present situation, with our present blessings. Also, too much wishing, focuses our attention on the thing desired rather that upon the most incredible gifts already received. Family, friends and an already abiding relationship with Jesus and his church are far more important than any gift we can receive from this old world. If we are not careful, our wishing for what we are not yet ready to receive, may cause us to loose or jeopardize those gifts already given by the Lord.

So this holiday season, as you gather around the Christmas tree; keep this in mind, that even if there be not one gift wrapped in ribbon and bow, if there is a wife (or husband), a child, a mother or father or even just one true friend, you are already blessed.  They are among the greatest gifts that God ever gives.  For what more can we really wish?  For we are already rich in one another.  Remember Jesus’ words about the greatest of gifts, “For where there are two or three gathered together, there I am also.”

Merry Christmas,