Dad Is In Critical Care Unit — Living Big In Jesus

Dear Ones,

I appologize for not having the AgapePoint Minute Daily Devotionals up this week.  Dad has been in the Critical Care Unit for nearly three weeks now.  He has a very long way to go.  His life will never be what it was.  We do rejoice that Jesus has led dad on an incredible journey of discovery and change which has blessed my father’s life in ways beyond that which anyone could anticipate.  He has overcome many struggles in this life and become victorious in Jesus Christ.  He is known and respected by men great and small.  Many souls have come to Jesus because of his life and the life of my mother.  As dad nears the end of his sojourn here and draws nearer to crossing death’s dark doorway and into eternal light and life, there to stand finally before our Lord and see his wonderful and most glorious face, the face of Jesus — I seek your prayers for his continued strength, courage and conviction to fight the good fight of faith.  I also seek your prayers that my family make these final steps (whether just a day, a week or a few months) with my dad in a manner that honors both dad and our Heavenly Father.  I am glad that we make these steps not alone, but countless friends who have poured out their hearts in love to a man named Charlie Brown who has in his life discovered Jesus and shared him so beautifully with everyone he has met.  I could not ask for a better dad.  For I have recieved in him as a father, more than I deserve.  Dad, thanks for everything; even in the Critical Care Unit you remain Living Big In Jesus!  Friends, thank you for sharing the journey of our lives.  Grace and Peace to you and yours.

Living Big In Jesus,