Time For A Break, Time For Thanksgiving, Time For Prayer

“One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.” (Luke 6:12, NIV)  How important it must have been for Jesus to stop and pray.  At different times in his ministry he, who was God in the flesh, took a break from the ministry, got in a boat or climbed the side of the mountain and prayed.  Yep!  With all those hurting folks all around, Jesus stopped ministering, and departed for some re-creation with God, so that when he came back he could serve in the most faithful manner possible.  But it required some well-deserved “time-out.”  A little rest for the soul in order to prepare for the next phase of ministry, and training of his leaders, the twelve.  And this is the example of the Son of God.  What if any lesson is here for us?

Well, for me, I have been fortunate enough over these last six or seven months to have a church that is humbly presenting herself before her Lord.  Amazing things have been taking place, just as the Lord has promised his people when they humble themselves before him.  We should not be suprised at what God can do with and in the midst of his faithful servants.  And God has simply been incredible for his people in Minden!  We have literally exhausted ourselves in serving the Lord and one another.  And we know it has been worth it as it can easily be seen in the blessings of the Lord being distributed throughout his flock.  For the most part, leadership is in place and actively serving the flock.  Small groups are up and running and seeking to serve the elderly as well as the rest of the body of Christ.  New friends are coming from the community for worship.  The worship hall is looking more full than empty.  I was wondering today, when I looked at the audience, and thought we are really beginning to see the Lord fill up all the pews.  It won’t be long and we might have to drag out the chairs.  To hear all the brothers and sisters laughing, and see them hugging and encouraging one another.  To have shared two fellowship meals today with the most precious people on earth.  To shared in singing four-part harmony to the Lord; incredible songs of praise!  To recieved a brother up frong seeking prayer and blessings!  And guests that I had not even had the chance to meet!  God is blessing his house!  God is blessing his people!  God is blessing his church!  And what a beautfiful sight it is!  Thank you Jesus.

And so, with your permission, I am taking a break from AgapePoint Minute post this week.  I will still be on the radio, I will still be ministering, but just a little rest from here for a few days.  Maybe a little more time with God in prayer saying thank you Lord, for your promises!  Thank you Lord for your faithfulness.  Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy.  Thank you Lord for loving and blessing us who are called by your name.  And thank you to your people who are a constant encouragement to me.  I look forward to seeing you here again next week.

Grace and peace,