Simple Principles to a Better Life Part Four (20110324)

We all love to be included!  It is part of our human make up.  And we know we are included when a person, or a group of people say to us, come on in; join in the fellowship and the festivities.  Come and sit at our table, feast with us, dine with us and enjoy the benefits of sharing faith and life.

Nothing asked, and all freely given and shared in fellowship one with another; there is something beautiful in sharing in the blessing of the grace that shares life one with another.  That is what it is!  It is grace!  It is unmerited favor!  It is the undeserved gift of sharing together in life!

Grace…, it is like the sun breaking forth after an afternoon rain storm.  It is like a long awaited cool drink of water on a heat scorched day.  Grace…, it is like, being included in a fellowship of souls that you know you may not really belong, but you so much wish you were are part.

Isn’t it beautiful, for you have been called to fellowship by God’s grace?

Living Big In Jesus,