New Chapter, Same Journey — We Are Going Home!

One of our greatest joys in life is that of getting to know people.  Sharing in the telling of one another’s stories brings with it both tears and joy.  In so doing, as Christians we begin to weave one another’s stories into the fabric of our lives.  I have shared stories with people from every continent and every walk of life.  Tall, short, thin and heavy, Hispanic, African-American, Irish-American, Caucasian, Japanese and Chinese as well as other races from other far away and beautiful places.  They have all richly blessed my life through their poverty, riches, health, sickness, struggles and victories. 

Moving to Minden to begin a new ministry opens up for us a new chapter in life that I look forward to sharing in with each of you.  I humbly reflect upon all the closed chapters of my life and realize every step of the way God has been preparing me for this hour.  The faces and names change, but the spirit remains the same – we are a people in search of a city – a better county – a heavenly one.  Just as the Lord has blessed me with some incredible and faithful brothers and sisters in the past, I know he is doing the same today with you in the Minden Church of Christ.  I will be a much stronger, wiser, gracious and mature Christian for having had the opportunity to fellowship with you.

So it is with a sense of honor and dignity that I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and your story’s as together we learn more completely what it means to Journey with Jesus.  We are in for some exciting times as Christ leads us and leaves his mark upon our lives and we are transformed more perfectly into his image.

Let us keep in mind as this chapter in our lives is being written: it is our goal to bring glory to God in all we say and do; it is our honor to serve and bring salvation to our fellow-man; and it is our responsibility to grow closer in our relationship to one another and to Jesus Christ.

It is then with a sense of joy and hopeful expectation, that I look forward to discovering with you the wonderful things that the Lord has prepared in advance for us to do during this new chapter of our lives.  Keeping it all in mind, that while the chapters do change, the journey remains the same – together, we are heading home.

In Christ,
Keith C. Brown