God Sent His Son Into The World Part Four (20110217)

“We’re going down,” were the words on the Mayday radio call that came from the Northern Belle as she was sinking at sea in the Gulf of Alaska.  As the seventy-five foot vessel sank to the bottom of the sea she left five souls to fight for their lives in the cold wind tossed waves.  One succumbed to the treacherous sea, leaving four struggling souls to wait out their rescue for two hours from a US Coast Guard helicopter that would bring them to safety.

That is much the way it is with us.  In the treacherous seas of life we find ourselves in need of rescue.  Our sins have held us captive until we cry out to God, “We’re going down – save us!”

The four survivors of the Northern Belle cried out for help and help did come.  They did not deny their desperate situation, but accepted it, and in doing so solicited and accepted life saving help.  How much more for all of us as we realize that we too, need to cry out for help from God, and be saved?

Living Big In Jesus,