Completely Filled Please!

Today, one on of the young boys came by needing air in his tires for his bicycle.  Both tires were completely flat.  I had filled up his tires yesterday, but still had the thought he would be back today for another fill up of air.  I thought this might be a good teaching moment so I went for it!  I asked the young lad how he liked his tires?  Meaning, flat, half-full or completely full of air.  He did not hesitate to share how he wanted his tires completely full of air because that made the bike faster!  I then shared with him that the Greek word “pneuma” stood for both “air” and “spirit”.  I then shared with him that just like his bike tires worked best when they were filled with “pneuma”, God had created him, as a young man, to be filled with “pneuma” (Spirit) in order that he as young man could be everything that God had created him to be!  I think he liked the lesson.  When we were done, he flipped his bike over, put it on the side walk and rode off down the street.  As he rode off he raised his right hand, looked back over his should and yelled thanks!  And then, somewhat to my surprise, he yelled, “Pneuma!”  Might we all be filled with the Spirit of Christ.