Baptism, No Big Surprise Jesus Says! (20110103)

In John 3:7, Jesus said to Nicodemus, “You should not be surprised at my saying, “You must be born again.” 

Why is it that Nicodemus should not be surprised by Jesus’ saying?

In Jesus’ teaching on being born again Nicodemus as a leader in his community should have been familiar with the ceremonial washings of the Jews.  Even Aaron as he performed his priestly duties at the Tabernacle for Israel was commanded by the Lord to undergo the ceremonial ritual of bathing as seen in Leviticus chapter sixteen.  Ceremonial bathing or baptism was a purification rite for the Jews that Aaron had to go through before he could as a priest of God present himself before the Lord.

Isn’t it interesting that we read in 1 Peter 2:9 that we who are in Christ are a royal priesthood to serve the Lord.  It should be no surprise then that the Lord would require all his priests to undergo ceremonial washing, that is baptism, before they can present themselves before the Lord and perform their religious duties.

Living Big In Jesus,